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Laura Masini Professional Make Up Artist
Make-up Artist
Regione: Lombardia
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Laura Masini is originally from Milan, she is an international, fully trained and qualified professional freelance make-up artist with 20 years of experience in the make-up and beauty industry. Her innate talent for colour and design make for a solid understanding of the transformative art of make-up. She enjoys having the opportunity to use her talent and abilities to bring out beauty in people and make them feel their utmost. 
She continuously attends training and workshops in London, Milan and Paris in order to keep on top of current techniques and products. 
Laura specialises in beauty, glamour, fashion, photo shoots, editorial work, catwalk, TV, special effects, theatre and cinema make-up applications. Along with corrective and camouflage, and make-up lessons.
Laura has extensive knowledge of a variety of media, commercials, TV, theatre, editorial, advertising, beauty, fashion, catwalk and has worked with hundreds of brides, bringing her skills and knowledge to give them perfectly tailored make-up for their special day. Laura’s talent as an artist, her friendly approach and reliability have made her a highly sought after make-up artist for weddings and events.
She graduated as a Make-Up Artist from one of the top Make-Up Artist Schools in Milan.
(B.C.M. International Make Up Artist School)

As well as being a make-up artist she is also a qualified Skin Care Specialist and Beautician from Beauty School Milan, she collaborates with and trains management for placement into beauty spas in Italy where she advises on routines and products that help maintain the health and radiance of your skin. She has collaborated with medical 
beauty doctors involved in the industry to help them with corrective, camouflage and skin care to give a perfect look to patients with 
dermatology problems.
Uk Phone (+44) 2032398455
Italian Phone (+39) 339-2039870
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    28 ottobre 2012, 16:44:38
    Buongiorno Laura, l'ho giÓ trovata io su MS. Buonagiornata.